Information Memorandum: Open Joint Stock Company Avtometria (OJSC Avtometria)

Information Memorandum

Full and short name:

Open Joint Stock Company Avtometria (OJSC Avtometria)

Address (location): 224001, Brest, ul. Brest divisions, 3/13 Website: E-Mail:

Information about state registration: registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs on June 30, 2001, No. 200019653. Ownership: Commercial, with a state share of more than 50%.

Size of the authorized fund: 3,838.2 Belarusian rubles. The number of ordinary registered shares issued by the Company — 12,794 pieces.

Information on the management of the organization, contact numbers: Director — Dudarchuk Nikolay Ivanovich                                        + 375162-531421

Chief Engineer — Shatsky Andrey Vladimirovich + 375162-531445 Chief Accountant — Tatyana Sergeevna Litviniuk + 375162-531448

I. General information about the organization

1.        The Avtometria Small Research and Production Innovation Enterprise was established in December 1990 (state registration number No. 0033 of February 12, 1991) in accordance with the USSR Law on the State Enterprise (Association), and the Regulations on the Organization of the Activities of Small Enterprises, approved by the Commission for the Improvement of the Economic Mechanism under the USSR Council of Ministers Protocol No. 14 dated June 6, 1989 and the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 790 dated August 8, 1990, on Measures for the Creation and Development of Small Enterprises .donational re-registration of the Republic of Belarus (registration No. 0128 \ 0191 dated May 21, 1997) was the leading enterprise among the structures of the Brest City Executive Committee in the field of automation of technological processes, special installation and commissioning works, development and supply of software for computer hardware, installation and maintenance of large collective reception systems television, energy-saving technologies, systems and equipment.

By the decision of the Brest city executive committee dated 07.06.2001 No. 600, in accordance with the legislation on joint-stock companies, on the privatization and privatization of state property in the Republic of Belarus, NPP Avtometria was transformed into the open joint-stock company Avtometria. State Registration Certificate No. 02846 of September 24, 2001.



2.3. Open Joint Stock Company Avtometria payer number 200019653 is a diversified, complex engineering and technical enterprise and in the field of urban economy carries out the following activities:

in the field of industrial safety:

under license No. 02300/2960-1 of November 24, 2014 valid until 11/23/2019 for the implementation of activities related to hazardous production facilities, technical devices in part:

—               design (engineering) of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities that use stationary mounted lifting mechanisms (equipment for supervisory’ control over the operation of elevators);

—           installation of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities that          use  stationary    mounted    lifting    mechanisms    (equipment     for   supervisory

control over the operation of elevators);

—           adjustment of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities that          use  stationary    mounted    lifting    mechanisms    (equipment     for   supervisory

control over the operation of elevators);

—           maintenance of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities that    use  stationary    mounted    lifting    mechanisms    (equipment     for   supervisory

control over the operation of elevators);

—               repair of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities that use stationary mounted lifting mechanisms (dispatcher control equipment for elevators).

in the field of architecture and construction certificate of conformity No. 0001099-PR dated July 06, 2015 valid until 06.07.2020 for the right to exercise:

—               development of sections of project documentation for construction sites of the first to fourth grades of complexity:

internal engineering equipment, internal networks and systems (communications, radio and television);

outdoor networks and systems (communications, radio and television);

performance of functions of the general designer.

certificate of conformity № 0004284-CT from 06.07.2015. valid until 07.06.2020 for the right to exercise:

—               construction of objects of the first to fourth grades of complexity:

device low-voltage networks and systems;

performing the functions of a general contractor.



in industry:

— production of electrical low-voltage equipment, remote control and communication terminals, telemechanics and automation of the complex «Bug» technical conditions TC RB 03291133.001-94.

OJSC Avtometria is the developer of the complex of telemechanical tools «BUG», which is registered and entered in the register of state registration of Belstandard, No. 000984 dated September 14, 1994. Catalog sheet products № 4361 \ 2. To designate design documentation in accordance with GOST 2.201-80 of the Belarusian State Institute of Standardization and Certification, the

enterprise has been assigned a developer organization code, BCSA.


4.   Loading of production capacity of OJSC Avtometria

Since the entry into force of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 31.03.1998 No. 504, the company annually participates in energy and resource saving measures of the economic structures of the Brest City Executive Committee, which ensures the achievement of a positive effect without compromising reliability, durability and other indicators of the quality of network operation , systems, engineering objects of urban economy, including without deterioration of working conditions, quality of work.

The production load is provided by the owner and contractors (Brest City Executive Committee, communal company «Brest City Utilities», Brest Regional Department of Housing and Communal Services, etc.) in accordance with the approved plans, activities and investment programs.

That is, the main and main direction of the production activity of OJSC Avtometria is to perform contract work in the construction industry, housing and utilities and energy in matters of building technical re-equipment and improving technologies of engineering facilities, prospective development and maintenance of radio electronic means, automation systems, accounting, regulation and registration, etc.

The main customers of the contract work of OJSC Avtometria are enterprises of the housing and utilities system, the construction and transport industry of Brest and the Brest region, the permanent contractual relations with which so far make it possible to ensure the workload of the production capacities of the society.

However, all the volumes of work performed are made as a result of winning in contract auctions conducted by third-party customers, and not according to the production plan of the founder of the OJSC. Sales of products is carried out through direct sales of equipment and through participation in Tenders,



Auctions announced in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, as business entities and departments of the Republic of Belarus. Extensive experience of participation and a significant number of tenders won by OJSC, confirms the competitiveness of prices for equipment of its own production in the market of Belarus. At the same time, it is important for customers when choosing an Automation System and the fact that OJSC Avtometria provides a guarantee for its equipment for a period of 3 to 5 years and guarantees effective after-sales service of the equipment even after the end of the warranty period, and at its repair base. In addition, the company’s specialists carry out commissioning and installation of equipment «turnkey», conduct customer training.

As the analysis of income frdm work performed, services of OJSC Avtometria shows, the main share in this indicator is taken by income received from the production of remote control equipment and installation of automation systems.

5.   The advantages of the company:

availability of in-house development of Automated dispatch control and management systems and in-house production (manufacturing) of their component electronic components;

•              high qualification of specialists, the labor protection management system has been developed and is being implemented in accordance with the requirements of STB 18000-2005.

•              twenty years of experience and prompt fulfillment of the obligations of subcontracting construction, installation and commissioning works;

•              availability of production and technical base, versatility and the use of new technologies in updating the products;

•              high quality of work performed, in the society by order No. 4 dated 08.02.2011, in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, the quality management system of RK SMK-4.2.2.-01-2011 was introduced. — a guide to the quality of the development and production of means of the BUG telemetry complex, the design and installation of engineering equipment, automation systems, networks and power supply and lighting systems;

•              availability of a declaration of conformity of the TC BY / 112 11.01 TP 004 01138 equipment of the Bug complex to the technical regulations of the Customs Union confirms that the products produced (lift terminal stations, electronic units regulating the fuel and energy resources, data transmission devices, distribution boards, control and management, input cabinets, signaling and regulation, automatic control stations, etc.) is high quality and safe. The Declaration of



Conformity for products, included in the Unified Register, is valid on the territory of three member states of the Customs Union;

• constant cooperation with the center of industrial cooperation (subcontracting) participation in electronic auctions for public procurement and the exchange of subcontracts in industry — conducting prepared negotiations with the authorized representatives of the client company regarding contracts for the manufacture and supply of products, components, components, parts.

6.    Program of production assignment and forecasting financial and economic activity

OJSC Avtometria is an organization that manufactures a manufacturer of products, goods using its own, leased, or donated fixed assets, necessary materials, raw materials, semi-finished products, components purchased through its own or borrowed funds, labor of its own employees, and certified by a specialized organization operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus on the principle of subcontracting (production cooperation) by means of eniya contracts with contractors.

This is an effective and modern method that allows such enterprises to achieve high production efficiency due to the division of labor, specialization, rational use of existing production and technological capacities and optimization of the use of all resources.

The contractor — the general contractor of the works, services and products produced are the administrations of the municipal executive committee, branches of construction trusts and structural enterprises of the housing and utilities sector.

Both sides of the production process are interested in each other: the contractor needs stable supplies, and subcontractors need long-term orders and constant cooperation.

The scope of production works and services of OJSC Avtometria scheduled for 2020 consists of the following activities of the enterprise:

•              manufacturing, installation and commissioning of equipment for automated dispatching control systems and managing the safe operation of elevators;

•              production and installation of temperature controllers for hot water supply systems and heating in the heating units of residential buildings;

•              fabrication and installation of low-voltage equipment for control systems and data transmission from metering and regulation devices for fuel and energy resources at central heating stations, boiler houses, waterworks, water wells, thermal points, etc .;



•              production and installation of telemechanics equipment for the sluice control system of the navigation lock;

•              production and installation of equipment, remote control equipment for the outdoor lighting control system;

•              installation of collective television reception systems in residential buildings;

•              production of design estimates and installation and commissioning of equipment for control systems of various automation objects.

The financial results of a joint stock company are characterized by the sum of the profits and the level of profitability.

An important indicator characterizing the work of Avtometria OJSC is the cost of work performed (services) and the financial performance of the company depends on its level.

The cost of design, installation, repair and commissioning works is determined on the basis of agreed budgets compiled according to the existing technical regulations for each object specifically.

According to the pricing mechanism adopted in the Republic, the cost of construction and repair is determined by the base index method based on the resource — estimated norms.

Estimates are developed in accordance with the PROCEDURE ESTABLISHED BY THE INSTRUCTION FOR DETERMINING THE ESTIMATED COST OF CONSTRUCTION AND DRAWING UP THE ESTIMATE DOCUMENTATION approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus of December 3, 2007 No. 25, THE INSTRUCTION FOR DETERMINING THE ESTIMATED COST OF COMMISSIONING AND APPROVED by the Resolution of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus of 03.12 .2007 № 26.

Taxes and contributions to extra-budgetary funds are determined in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The remuneration of the personnel depends on the individual professional contribution of each to the performance of the performance indicators, and is determined on the basis of the Unified Tariff Schedule and the Regulation on the remuneration of employees of the company. The basis taken time-based bonus wage.

The financial results of the company are characterized by the sum of the profits and the level of profitability. OJSC received in 2019 net profit in the amount of 42.0 thousand rubles. The level of profitability was 12,9%. The average salary was 1155,6 rubles.



Joint-stock company plans to receive in 2020. the volume of completed work and services in the amount of 436 thousand rubles.

II.     Financial performance of the organization





Net asset value, thousand rubles




Proceeds from sales of products, works, services, thousand rubles




Profit of all (pp.200 of the Profit and Loss Report), thous. Rub.




Profit from sales of products, works, services, thousand rubles




Net profit, thousand rubles




Profitability from sales of products, works, 1 serviees,%




Receivables, thousand rubles




Accounts payable, thousand rubles




Average salary, rub.




III.     Information about the products, work




(bv ivpe of work)

Volume of release















IV.     NOT

V.     Working structure:











Number . Including









— number of employees with higher education









— with secondary special education









— with vocational education









Number of employees total:


— the number of management personnel


-the number of industrial personnel


including the number of main workers


VI.     Structure of works (services):



Structure (%)




Home market




External market





VII. Information on land plots in use, lease, ownership:


Area, ha

Right of possession

(permanent / temporary use. rental, ownership)

Land use act

(№, date)

Brest, Severny gorodok


General shared permanent use

Г A №0204784, 02.09.2005

VIII. Information on capital structures (buildings, structures):



(Appointment), location. Certificate of registration (Xu. date)




Area, м2

The area leased, m2, the term of the lease




Isolated room, Brest, ul. Brest divisions, 3/13. Certificate of registration Xl’346/03 W (13.05.2003)




— 15.5 м2

Term. 31.12.2020r;


The work of company is due to the increased interest of Avtometria labor collective in increasing its own funds. The presence of the share of each employee in the property of the OJSC, along with material interest, allows increasing the responsibility for the results of labor, increasing its intensity. That has a positive effect on the overall financial and economic situation of society. Getting the planned profit will create the possibility of developing the material base, ensuring the social and economic interests of the employees of the joint- stock company.

Achievement of the planned effect is carried out at the expense of industrial cooperation, which is a cooperation in the mutual supply of products (performance of works, provision of services) used in the manufacture of products on the basis of contractual relations. Small and medium enterprises (such as Avtometria) — subcontractors, as a rule, have lower production costs due to lower wages of employees than in large companies, and higher organizational and managerial efficiency due to the smaller size and simplicity of the management structure. In addition, small enterprises, as a rule, have a high level of mobility in the readjustment of equipment due to the widespread use of flexibly specialized production systems.



As the main customers of contract works and consumers of products and
services of Avtometria are subcontractors — enterprises of the system of housing
and communal services of the city of Brest and the region, the inclusion of the
company’s products in their production plans and the existence of permanent
contractual relations with them value in ensuring the workload of the production
capacity of the company and the implementation of the planned production
volumes in 2020.

Unconditional efficiency of the joint-stock company — full utilization of
production capacities can be achieved only by including — involving OJSC
Avtometria in the execution of the regional program of construction, maintenance
of housing stock and energy saving for *2020, and in the program of development
of housing and communal services approved the Resolution of Council of
Ministers the Republic of Belarus.                       #



N.I. Dudarchuk

T.S. Litviniuk


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